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PHP books to review

I’ve been sent a couple more books to review from Packt publishing – Codeigniter for Rapid PHP Development, and Object Oriented Programming with PHP5. I have immediate use for these as I am currently working on a few PHP5 projects and was looking around for a PHP framework to use for part of one of them, so expect reviews next month.

I’m also feeling a bit guilty as I still haven’t had time to review the Plone 3 book they sent me a while back – I need a nice Plone 3 project to get stuck into before I can do that justice, but will try to at least give it a read next month too, and report back my initial impressions.

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I personally really like CodeIgniter – and that was before packt gave me a copy of this book too. FYI: Apparently the latest version of expression engine is built on CI.

Ian Wootten 2008-05-02 19:05:48

installing php5 and mysql on windows

I was having some real headaches getting mysql to work with a fresh install of php5 and IIS on a windows XP machine earlier. I was eventually put out of my misery by this excellent how-to.

The trick is: do not use the installer – it comes without mysql support by default. Use the zip package and follow the relevant instaructions in the article mentioned above, to configure it for mysql support. In addition to the steps described, I also found I had to move my php.ini file to the windows directory for to be picked up.

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If it’s not a production server, I just use XAMPP

Runs like a dream.

Phil Wilson 2008-02-27 22:28:29

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How to resize a Bootcamp partition on Leopard

I recently got a mac mini and decided to give bootcamp a try as I needed a native windows machine from time to time. I initially created a 10GB bootcamp partition, thinking that would be enough, but after installing Visual Studio and a load of other stuff I was soon down to about 200mb. I had been fooled by the bootcamp setup into thinking that it would allow me to resize the partition later, but it doesn’t – the only choice you have is to delete the partition and start again. I didn’t want to install windows yet again, so after googling around I found an excellent bit of free software called WinClone. This allowed me to create an image of the bootcamp partition from within OSX, then delete the bootcamp partition, create a new one – (20gb this time) and restore the windows image. The added bonus is that I now have a backup of the windows install, should I ever stuff it up.

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I tried it and it failed. MacBookPro, Leopard, Vista.
My bootcamp partition is 57GB and I want to allocate 120GB (of 232).
Did it work first time for you?

Matthew 2008-03-14 10:57:27

what part of it failed for you? The process I described above worked for me on my mac mini (with fresh leopard install), but since then i’ve tried and failed several times to create a bootcamp partition on my macbook (with leopard upgraded from tiger). Tried about three times each time with a full on crash and having to rescue lost disk space by booting from the install disc and using disk utility to repair it.

Rick 2008-03-14 19:40:19

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