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More books to review

PHP books to review

I’ve been sent a couple more books to review from Packt publishing – Codeigniter for Rapid PHP Development, and Object Oriented Programming with PHP5. I have immediate use for these as I am currently working on a few PHP5 projects and was looking around for a PHP framework to use for part of one of them, so expect reviews next month.

I’m also feeling a bit guilty as I still haven’t had time to review the Plone 3 book they sent me a while back – I need a nice Plone 3 project to get stuck into before I can do that justice, but will try to at least give it a read next month too, and report back my initial impressions.

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I personally really like CodeIgniter – and that was before packt gave me a copy of this book too. FYI: Apparently the latest version of expression engine is built on CI.

Ian Wootten 2008-05-02 19:05:48