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mailplane – osx gui integration for gmail

I’ve been using gmail almost exclusively for about 4 years now – I find the convenience of webmail essential as I work at lots of different machines, and it doesn’t make sense to set up desktop email on all of them. One thing I do miss about not using a desktop mail client is the integration with my address book and photo library, and the ability to drag and drop files, but I have so much mail in my account (I subscribe to a few high volume mailing lists, and never do any tidying), that most mail apps choke on the volume of mail they need to download. I mentioned this on twitter, and someone pointed out mailplane – a gui app that loads the normal gmail interface, but adds on integration with addressbook and iphoto, amongst other things. It’s not free, but i’m a couple of days into the 30 day evaluation and finding it very useful so far, so will probably buy it ($25).

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Rick, this app is sweet! I’ve just downloaded it and had a quick play for an hour or so. WOW. How much faster than Mail is that?!

The integration is just what I missed with the standard Gmail interface. Finally I can ditch the slow Mail.app retrieval…

Hmmm… D’you think they’re going to make an iPhone 2.0 app for it?

Nikki 2008-04-30 11:24:26

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Donnovan 2011-08-09 03:26:31