zope cheat sheet

Now that i’m getting a bit more familiar with zope (2), rather than blog every time I work out how to do things that are blindingly obvious to most zope developers, i’ve started a zope cheat sheet, to keep track of bits and pieces of example code that took me a fair amount of googling, searching and begging to work out. Most of this is probably stuff that I should have learned on day one of my zope indoctrination, but instead I plunged straight into plone and archetypes and never got to learn the basics, which I think got me into trouble later on. There’s not much there at the time of posting, and I need to create a more suitable template, but expect this to grow over the coming months!

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Nice, I’m getting into Plone/Zope myself and kinda had the immediate desire to steer out of Zope and just use Plone and whatever it contains.. but more, I am also beginning to think it’s important to get into the basics of Zope2&/3 and Python.. Looking forward 🙂

Paul 2009-03-29 23:41:06

new sweetcron/ codeigniter based site Too Old To skate

too old to skate

I’m pleased to say i’ve achieved another of my 2009 goals, by launching the (unfinished) new version of one of my personal projects Too Old To Skate. The main site is now running php/codeigniter based sweetcron, which is used to pull content in from the original wordpress, flickr, delicious, twitter, vimeo and a friends blogger based site. I have plenty more planned for the site, but little to no time to do it, so I thought i’d upload the site unfinished in the meantime to allow myself to do incremental updates, rather than be embarrased by a holding page.

Amongst the plans are:-

  • bring in the content (articles and photo galleries) from the now defunct plone(2) based DFR Skate zine – i’m thinking some sort of PHP/ codeigniter* front-end sucking in content (as XML/JSON or even plain HTML) from a Plone 3 site acting as a content server. Doing something like this with Plone has been on my mind for years! Maybe I should stick this in as a 2010 goal. Alternatively it may just end up as a skinned Plone 3 site on another subdomain – either would be good.
  • Skin the blog to fit in with the main site.
  • Other awesomeness – this is a non-commercial personal project and therefore my playground 😉

*Having now played with both codeigniter and cakephp, I think I prefer cake. However as sweetcron is codeigniter based it would be plain silly to be using cake on the same project.