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zope cheat sheet

Now that i’m getting a bit more familiar with zope (2), rather than blog every time I work out how to do things that are blindingly obvious to most zope developers, i’ve started a zope cheat sheet, to keep track of bits and pieces of example code that took me a fair amount of googling, searching and begging to work out. Most of this is probably stuff that I should have learned on day one of my zope indoctrination, but instead I plunged straight into plone and archetypes and never got to learn the basics, which I think got me into trouble later on. There’s not much there at the time of posting, and I need to create a more suitable template, but expect this to grow over the coming months!

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Nice, I’m getting into Plone/Zope myself and kinda had the immediate desire to steer out of Zope and just use Plone and whatever it contains.. but more, I am also beginning to think it’s important to get into the basics of Zope2&/3 and Python.. Looking forward 🙂

Paul 2009-03-29 23:41:06