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Too Old To Skate rebuild

too old to skate screengrab

A month or so ago I took toooldtoskate.com offline as it seems that it was being used as a spam relay. It was running an ancient unpatched version of wordpress, so this came as no surprise. I thought it would be a good opportunity to rebuild it using django. So yet another django blog engine has sprung into existence – all really simple stuff though, just a couple of models and some class-based generic views, a familiarisation exercise rather than an attempt to build a wordpress clone.

A work in progress, as ever..

To Do

  • Commenting (i’ll integrate disqus)
  • Filtering by type/ channel (e.g. video and author)
  • Merchandise (I will sell at least one mug, in 2012 I swear!)
  • Blogroll/ links