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New drupal based site – Green Infrastructure in the west of England

Olivewood have recently launched a new drupal based site Green Infrastructure in the west of England.

Green Infrastructure in the West of England

This has actually been quietly live for a while now, but wanted to monitor how it coped with the fairly heavy load exerted by the AJAX based mapping tool, which bought our dev server to it’s knees during original user testing, before being moved to a server with a bit more RAM.
GI Mapping tool

Bristol Drupal Users Group

As i’ve been doing a few projects with Drupal recently I’ve set up a google group for people in the Bristol (UK) and surrounding area:-


For anyone wondering if this means i’m deserting Plone, the answer is no – i’m also working on a couple of Plone projects too! I will post an article when I get time outlining my experiences of both – comparing and contrasting the development.

Drupal login form url

If you become locked out of a drupal site because you disabled the login form and can’t work out where to log in, you can reach a login form by navigating to e.g. yoursite/?q=user/login (or the clean url equivalent)

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Thanks! I needed this info, though now I feel really stupid…


James 2007-11-24 18:07:07

It took me two hours before I discovered your tip and got into my own admin pages. Thanks!

Michael 2008-06-18 22:38:04