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skype deliver me a balance expiration

skype purches - balance expiration
I discovered today when I went to make an urgent skype-out call (forgot my mobile and work phone needed rebooting) that my remaining 7 euro balance had expired. Ironically it appeared on my account as a “purchase”: 1 balance expiration, status: “delivered”. Cheers skype. Yeah I know it is probably in the small print, I did buy my credit over a year ago, but annoying all the same, especially as it only ran out a few days ago and I actually needed it today..

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They did that to me too. I wonder how much money there collecting this way without actually giving any service for it. I never heard another company acting the same way.

Henry Wilder 2006-10-28 21:42:06

Same happened to me. Is this legal? What would happen if a bank did this there would be uproar. It seems like stealing to me. I went to them six days after it had expired asking for it back and got nothing back except an automated response

same here 2006-12-12 16:12:18