huge mushroom spotted on A4

imagine just for a second that you have been sat in front of a couple of flickering monitors for eight hours drinking coffee, then you wander outside and are as alarmed as I was to see this huge mushroom out of the corner of your eye, protruding from a roundabout.

huge mushroom?

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I’ve always shyed away from putting pictures of myself on my site, but this one had to go up – me floating around…

me, just hanging around

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safari and IE on mac display problems

on IE on a mac, the grey vertical subheading bar was expanding to fill the whole screen and clicking onto the lab menu item is causing safari to freeze..

fixed the IE problem – specified 12px widths to the grey box and the dynamically created boxes holding each letter.

looking into the safari problem…. CPU goes to 100% when you try to load anything within “the lab” section.

fixed! thanks to tim at – he pinpointed it to a problem with the text-transform:uppercase property used on the heading selectors – safari didn’t seem to like applying it when some of the content inside was wrapped in divs and some not – if you remove the spaces, the problem was solved. I wanted to keep the spaces and so I moved that property to the individual divs surrounding each letter.

the same problem presumably doesn’t happen on the vertical submenu because I had already replaced all the spaces with “ ” because without doing that they weren’t creating any vertical space.

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not so daily report the daily report hasn’t been updated in days, as he is “on the road” and obviously not taking advantage of mobile technology to keep his site up to date while he’s hang gliding or whatever.

I feel lost, my routine has been broken – I feel like things are happening out there in web design which I don’t know about because Jeff Zeldman hasn’t told me about it.

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starskiweb is now has just become

the main reasoning was to move the emphasis away from mostly technology and web development based content to a broader field, but still mostly centred around digital media.

the word hypothecate was chosen because of the speculation and uncertainty surrounding the future direction of the internet, which I view as still being in it’s infancy ( more on this here).

All the old content remains, but I will try to confine most of my techie ramblings to the lab. The site will also be accessible from the old domain for the time being.

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cre@te online magazine folded

According to this article cre@te online magazine (website at time of writing here) is shutting up shop.

This doesn’t surprise me, because as a magazine aimed at “people who create websites” it always missed the mark. I am a “person who creates websites” professionally and I never found anything useful in the magazine.

The magazine may have been vaguely useful for graphic designers, and maybe for marketing bods, but for your average web designer or builder it always seemed to focus solely on visual snapshots, and not enough on the nitty gritty of design.

When I buy a magazine i’m looking for some sense of inspiration, authority and understanding of the subject matter, and frankly cre@te online provided none of these.

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monotone distort

How to get a monotone distort effect like the background image on the braxton hicks website

I just found these notes, thought I would post them before I lose them

Instructions from Hozza

1. Open your image.
2. Convert to greyscale
3. Convert back to RGB.
4. In the layers pallette, double click background and turn to layer 0.
5. Create a new layer and fill with red.
6. Drag new red layer below layer 0.
7. In Layers pallette, convert the mode of layer 0 to Darken.
7a. Optionally, you may want to Image>Adjustments>Brigtness/Contrast and increase the contrast a little like the photo on your site.
8. In the tool box, make sure your fourground colur is balck and the background colour is the red.
9. Goto Filter>Noise>Add Noise and try about 4-5% Uniform.
10. Flatten the sucker and cut the edges out ot your hearts desire.

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