Flash movie manager

i’m sure there’s a few of these around, but i’ve just had an idea to create a flash 6 movie which contains a menu of external swf files from a list imported in in XML format.

The movie would contain the preload script and the end user will be able to select a movie to import from the menu.

on the back end would be a file upload script like on my gallery system (used on braxtonhicks site), which would upload the file to the server and add a reference to the new movie to the XML file.

Hmm, I wonder if I can add swfs to a database as a BLOB and stream back as an asp like I do with the gallery images? Probably a really inefficient way of doing it but a good way to protect the swfs….

you know what? I could use it for the MP3 jukebox I want to build (and have been thinking about for over 3 years) too.

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cats finally allowed outside

The cats were (re)introduced outside at the weekend. I say “re” because they spent the first few weeks of their lives outside, abandoned in a field in Nailsea, near Bristol until they were rescued.

we had them identity chipped (true) so in theory if they go missing we can track them down by satellite or police helicopter (lies)

Here is a video of their first steps outside (flash 6 format 400kb-ish file size)

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starskiweb working on basic HTML device

Because all the formatting and styling for this site is done with CSS, this site should degrade to work on any device which supports HTML.

Below, starskiweb is being displayed on MS mobile explorer on a Sony j5e phone.

starskiweb is being displayed on MS mobile explorer on a Sony j5e phone

On the styled version (i.e. when displayed in a web browser which supports CSS), the site menu, login form and logos are displayed in a column at the right hand side. Without the styling these appear at the bottom of the text. I chose to do it this way because some mobile devices are very slow and as the menu grows, if it appeared at the top for vanilla content it would be a pain to scroll through it to get to the first blog post.

At some point I will create a seperate unstyled menu page which can be bookmarked for mobile devices and used tomove between the blogs.

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css layout problem

The problem was a three column layout, with a strip, which needed to be scaleable according to the content down the right hand side.

The solution was to apply a background colour to the whole design, but obscure it with a white box apart from the strip at the right hand side. a bit like this example

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The road verge on this industrial estate where I work is covered in rotting leaves and caked in mud from passing traffic. I was holding the camera down pointed at the floor to check the settings on the LCD screen when I noticed these dandelions poking through.


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