Radio Paradise

I’ve been listening to radio paradise “eclectic intelligent rock”. It’s certainly eclectic, mostly intelligent but not that much rock to be honest, but I am grateful to have been introduced to about 10 new artists (well new to me).

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linux installed again

The laptop now has two versions of linux on it – I have installed suse 7.2 on a virtual machine within virtual PC on top of windows, which works surprisingly well and a red hat linux 8.0 on a seperate partition, which I am also impressed with.

The Linux install on top of windows might sound stupid to some people, but the idea is that I can experiment with it, even setting up several virtual machines and simulate networking between them, all the while without having to reboot the host machine, and being able to surf and use newsgroups when I get stuck.

The “proper” red hat linux install is great, but I haven’t used it much because I am hooked on certain windows only apps at the moment…

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together, but no linux yet

well back to square one… I have rebuilt the machine with a new drive and treated myself to some more RAM while I was at it. It currently has just one partition, running win 2k. There *will* be a linux partition again one rainy day – good job I have had a practice run and logged it all here to avoid repeating mistakes!

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enough. tv advertising up own arse warning

I saw an advert on TV last night for a mobile phone company, (O2 I think) with some deal for text messaging and it was the most pompous piece of rubbish I had seen in a long time. It had ridiculous non-ironic imagery including huge chrome letters showing the price of the text message and a patronising voiceover. Didn’t the creators see the Boddingtons adverts which the the piss out of this sort of thing? It doesn’t work, stop it!

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update: in pieces

well… the hard drive started to play up on sunday, failed on wednesday. Luckily I have backed up all the important files and will be starting from scratch with a new drive ASAP

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why haven’t I done much with this recently?

The reason I haven’t done much with this web log recently is that I have found myself needing applications such as Flash (for Flash!) and Dreamweaver, Photoshop and fireworks (for productivity in building web sites) which are not available under linux*. I had settled nicely into using Linux for almost everything when I was concentrating on “raw” coding, but recently I have been doing a lot of web and CMS work, so much so that I haven’t bothered to boot into Linux for some time. I did experiment with having a seperate windows and Linux box, but the spare box wasn’t up to much so it is now abandoned. I will keep the linux partition… but at the moment until Macromedia produce some linux apps windows is my main platform. don’t hate me!

* it is now theoretically possible to run most of these using wine/crossover office, but I haven’t tried yet.

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CRM survey

I have put a questionnaire up for a friend of mine Jim Fanning for a bit of research into part of a study into people’s attitudes towards the companies they do business with.

you can fill it in if you like:-

[link removed]

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mysql problems

I have installed and reinstalled mysql a couple of times but still haven’t got a functioning version. First of all I installed the version which comes with suse 8.0, via Yast but mysqld died as soon as it started, so I tried installing from the downloaded files and got the same problem. I tried modifying ownership of all the relevant directories, but this hasn’t helped so far…

I know this is a bit vague but I dont have the machine with me and would rather not mention versions, file names and error messages at all if I can’t be accurate!

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