Month: February 2004

Mike Watts interview on

Former minutemen and fIREHOSE bass player Mike Watt spielin’ ’bout music, skateboarding and err… apple macs

windows xp display upside down

If you are reading this upside down then chances are you are looking for information on how to get your display to appear the right way up. I had this problem the other day when one of my cats was wandering around on my laptop keyboard, and suddenly the display was upside down. This won’t… Read more »

linux stagnation

my unsupported red hat 8.0 box is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up to date now that the live update thing doesn’t work. I feel abandoned. I don’t want to waste precious time trying to resolve dependency problems. I am having problems installing things. There is no commercial work on the cards to make use… Read more »

skateboard videos in flash format

some people might say that I have been talking about skateboarding with childish excitement recently. For the last few years i’ve also rambled on at length about the web and digital media with unnatural enthusiasm. So imagine my delight when today, whilst reading about the video capabilities of Flash on the macromedia site, I stumbled… Read more »

shutter lag blues

Before my frontside ollie disaster disaster, I was trying to take some action photos at the skatepark with my digital camera. The results were disappointing, because of shutter lag making it almost impossible to catch the action. I’ve had the camera for about a year – it’s a Pentax optio 330 gs, and I bought… Read more »


I’m sitting here with my arm in plaster. some people are being sympathetic, most aren’t. after all, I am too old to skate

wrap rage

I had some wrap rage the other night whilst trying to extract a tin of baked beans from a shrink wrapped four pack. Actually I think it was more a case of “wrap slightly annoyedness”.