Month: November 2004

I have a shed full of PC’s

but when it comes to the crunch I can’t get any of them working. Not quite a shed full actually, just a few. At the top of the pecking order is my old laptop with its dead screen and no battery, and currently experiencing random blue screen crashes accompanied by hard drive noise. I don’t… Read more »

Quills – blog product for Plone

This looks like it might be exactly what I was looking for. It has blogger api support plus creates archive paths in the /archive/YYYY/MM/DD/ format ๐Ÿ™‚

you can tell when skating is in your blood when…

…you are sitting in Teohs, a fantastic pan asian restaurant based in an old Tobacco factory known fittingly as "The Tobacco Factory" on north street in an area of bristol known as southville / bedminster / ashton gate, depending on who you talk to (oh yeah the phone number is 0117 9021122 if you have… Read more »

plone get relative url

here.absolute_url(relative=1) archived comments Thanks a lot took me hours (sad but true) to get this (not so) far. Is there some easy reference or something anything that will help me do basic stuff with zope/plone (can comparing strings be done in tal or do i need to write a python script list all available methods/attributes… Read more »

i’m cynical, get me out of here

so i’m sitting here on the sofa resigned to the fact that the next six years (or something like that) will be spent avoiding watching z-list celebrities eat caterpillars. thank god for gadgets, skateboards and guitars

forward and upwards (in a geek way)

I surprised myself the other night by using some of my valuable free time to start making moves towards migrating hypothecate away from blogworks xml and towards plone. Bizarrely this first step was to create a mysql database to hold the posts. why? well I haven’t touched XML or mysql in python/plone and I think… Read more »

plone – How to make folders accessible for only certain users

this was a requirement we had at netsight a while back and we worked it out, but never got round to documenting how we did it. In case I forget, here is someone else describing exactly the same solution (Summary: in ZMI create a new role, then remove aquired priveleges for protected folder and assign… Read more »

disable context menu in kupu

one way to disable the right-click/ context menu in kupu, comment out a few lines of kupu/common/kupucontextmenu – I commented out everything within this.initialize seems to have done the trick


interesting project over here, including an archetypes product for streaming MP3 via zope

effective and expiry dates not working in plone

I thought I was having trouble with this – expired content still seemed to be showing in e.g. events portlet, but it turned out that if you are logged in as manager, portal_catalog searches will return expired content.