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forward and upwards (in a geek way)

I surprised myself the other night by using some of my valuable free time to start making moves towards migrating hypothecate away from blogworks xml and towards plone. Bizarrely this first step was to create a mysql database to hold the posts. why? well I haven’t touched XML or mysql in python/plone and I think the most valuable one to learn first would be mysql. well, that and the fact that using mysql with zope/ plone is really easy once you’ve set the connection up (apparently). I know I can write some ASP to go through the XML (where all blog content is stored) and fire the blog contents into a mySql database. Then it will be a case of copying the mySql somewhere where plone can see it and writing some python to create SimpleBlog entries for everything in the resulting database. Hmm.. i’ll need to retrospectively set the creation date (change SimpleBlog to use effective date instead?) Probably more adventurous would be to write some python to read directly from the XML and create blog entries directly, but this feels like too many steps at once.