Month: October 2007

Bristol Drupal Users Group

As i’ve been doing a few projects with Drupal recently I’ve set up a google group for people in the Bristol (UK) and surrounding area:- For anyone wondering if this means i’m deserting Plone, the answer is no – i’m also working on a couple of Plone projects too! I will post an article… Read more »

new toy – casio elixim Z1050

I recently bought a new compact camera – a tiny casio elixim Z1050. Historically I have always been disappointed with the performance of compact digital cameras, mainly because of shutter lag. This one is much better, with only a tiny lag at 10 megapixels. Although one day i’d like to get a digital SLR, for… Read more »

Interesting debate about TTW support in plone

Even though I seem to have slipped off planet plone recently (design or accident? – must find out!), i’m fascinated by the current debate about Through The Web (TTW) support in Plone. I must admit I have noticed a general “TTW is bad” vibe from hardcore Plone developers – in fact i’ve heard it said… Read more »

Bristol contingent at Plone conference 2007, Naples

Sadly I couldn’t make it to Plone Conference this year, but I have just got off MSN from Matt at Netsight, and he said that there are no fewer than eight thirteen Plone people form Bristol, UK attending – representing Netsight, Team Rubber and IRLT. Can any other cities in the UK claim that many… Read more »

OK maybe this Zope object database makes sense now..

I’ve just made a breakthrough in my perception of Zope and its object database. Despite the fact I have been working with Plone for over three years i’ve always struggled to shift my way of thinking away from relational databases and SQL queries, due to my previous experience of building sites and applications mainly with… Read more »