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new toy – casio elixim Z1050

I recently bought a new compact camera – a tiny casio elixim Z1050. Historically I have always been disappointed with the performance of compact digital cameras, mainly because of shutter lag. This one is much better, with only a tiny lag at 10 megapixels. Although one day i’d like to get a digital SLR, for now I just wanted a compact to carry with me to snap pictures I can use for web sites, and also to take a few skateboarding pictures. One feature that has proven to be excellent for the latter is the high-speed continuous mode with takes several shots a second at 2 megapixels, allowing me to grab a sequence (like below, or just take the best frame from several, to get the best action shot.)

rick hurst sequence taken by casio Z1050

Best frame – original pic is 2 megapixels – fine for snapshot prints and web stuff:-

rick hurst fs disaster on st george whippy bank

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I wish I was skateboarding there, that looks so fun.

sirjorge 2007-12-18 00:23:33