Month: September 2008

slow response from mysql database on another server

I set up a mysql database earlier and was getting a very slow response (about 4 seconds to connect) from a php script on another server. Both servers were windows (yeah I know, not my choice!). After a bit of googling I found the cause of this is DNS checking that occurs for incoming requests… Read more »

Review: Professional Plone Development part 1

Firstly an apology: I was sent Martin Aspeli’s Professional Plone Development for review back in October last year, and I still haven’t got round to reviewing it – not out of laziness, but extreme time shortage due to going freelance/ starting a company last year. Hopefully I can make amends now by reviewing it section… Read more »

Plone bulk update of default values for new attribute

Scenario: I added a new attribute “orderPriority” to a few different archetypes based content types. These attributes had default values. As this is an existing site, there were 400 or so existing objects that had not picked up these default values – i.e. they would only pick up the value after they had been re-saved…. Read more »

Back from BathCamp 08

I attended BathCamp at the weekend and it was great fun. I met some lovely people, talked geek and gave a short talk on (“the gurgitator”) a python script I have been writing, which I use to generate boiler plate code for web projects in different technologies (i’ll write about this when it is further… Read more »