Month: December 2008

Plans for 2009

Inspired by Elliot Jay Stocks post “Goals, Old and New“, I thought i’d jot down a few goals* for 2009. In no particular order:- Launch a web app – the original reason for starting Olivewood. We already have a working prototype (a web based trading/ procurement/communication hub – successfully in service for a distributor over… Read more »

Back to mobile working

Since giving up my rented tobacco factory desk in October (I wasn’t using it enough to justify the cost) i’ve been back to home and mobile working. This has been made easier by being able to hot desk at the hub on a monday and the pervasive media studio on a friday. No doubt i’ll… Read more »

Faster Plone, Faster!

The plone performance sprint is now underway at the Pervasive Media studio in Bristol. There are about 16 plone developers from Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy, USA, and the UK, working for 4 days to work on optimising the performance of plone. I’ll be dropping in, but unfortunately won’t be able to contribute much due to… Read more »