Month: September 2009

Create a Drupal content type with no body field

It is possible to hide the body field of a drupal content type by doing the following:- Administer-> Content Management -> content types Click “Edit” against the content type for which you want to hide the body Expand the “submission form settings” section Remove the Text in the “Body field label” (it tells you to… Read more »

Drupal 6, XAMPP and MAMP

I generally use XAMPP for local development, as I like to keep my dev environment portable and seperate to anything native on the machine. I discovered that Drupal 6 is not compatible with PHP 5.3.x, therefore I needed to either downgrade (not sure how/if I could do that with XAMPP) or use something else. I… Read more »

CMS strategies

When it comes to Content Management Systems (CMS’s), i’ve been “round the block a few times” so to speak, having spent the last ten years mostly working on CMS driven sites – starting with bespoke classic asp/ MS Access (shudder) back in 1999, before moving onto bespoke php/mysql systems, wordpress, drupal, zope/plone and dabbling in… Read more »

Stop msn messenger spam in Adium

Annoyingly the default setting when you add an msn account to Adium is to “allow anyone to contact you”. And boy they do! Even more annoyingly, the setting to switch this off is not on the Edit account -> privacy tab, but rather on the main menu: Adium-> Privacy Settings. You will need to be… Read more »

Bristol panels for South by Southwest interactive

Help Bristol have a presence at the SXSWi festival in Austin Texas, by voting for some of the panels listed here:-