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Analysis of my social media usage

Over the last couple of years i’ve tried to rationalise the way I use various social media sites, and I realised that how I use a service has evolved over time. Flickr I think flickr was the first social network (of sorts) that I signed up to, in 2005. It was the instagram of it’s… Read more »

Social media withdrawl tools part 1

I have occasional periods where for one reason or another I want to distance myself from social media for a bit. One of the things that usually stops me is the idea of missing communication aimed specifically at me. Facebook has the option to control what types of communication (e.g. a message) result in an… Read more »

How to use twitter for marketing and PR

Some insightful tips on this site about using twitter for PR and marketing:- (sorry, couldn’t resist posting that!) archived comments very funny !!! Karl 2009-06-10 12:59:52