Rick Hurst Web Developer in Bristol, UK


first live web log

This is the first live web log on starskiweb. It is here for two main reasons:-

1. To test a blogging system I have been writing in ASP and XML

2. To have a place to write about web based experiments and ideas that I have going on

The system is currently very basic and is being used for more than one purpose – I can update text on the website from specific entries (which may have otherwise been part of this log), and i’m also using it just as a general notepad for drafting stuff.

The whole log is contained in a single XML file which I guess will eventually become so large that it will become inefficient to use, so as time goes on I intend to develop a way of archiving stuff across multiple files. Also I want to set it up in a way that having multiple logs and threads is easily managed.

It would be quicker for me to implement this with a database, but the whole point was really to see what can be done using just XML as the data store.

Here is another log containing rambling thoughts about what is going on with the build of the logging system/blogger.