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up to suse 8.0

A colleague had the version 8.0 disks so I thought I would upgrade. Because I hadn’t made many changes to the original install, I decided to completely overwrite that installation. First attempt I chose the wrong mouse driver (for the internal pad thing) and monitor settings – it was a mess. I logged into KDE and the cursor kept disappearing down to the bottom left of the screen. It also opened up everything it passed over. Thus I couldn’t get to anything to change the settings so I copped out and started the  whole installation from scratch, this time taking care to choose the correct mouse driver (for my logitech USB external mouse).

Now I have sound too! This is great, but obviously I haven’t learnt much in the process. Oh well, theres still the PCMCIA network card and modem to go – apparently the winmodem is a pig to get working under linux.