Rick Hurst Web Developer in Bristol, UK


why haven’t I done much with this recently?

The reason I haven’t done much with this web log recently is that I have found myself needing applications such as Flash (for Flash!) and Dreamweaver, Photoshop and fireworks (for productivity in building web sites) which are not available under linux*. I had settled nicely into using Linux for almost everything when I was concentrating on “raw” coding, but recently I have been doing a lot of web and CMS work, so much so that I haven’t bothered to boot into Linux for some time. I did experiment with having a seperate windows and Linux box, but the spare box wasn’t up to much so it is now abandoned. I will keep the linux partition… but at the moment until Macromedia produce some linux apps windows is my main platform. don’t hate me!

* it is now theoretically possible to run most of these using wine/crossover office, but I haven’t tried yet.