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w.bloggar failing with error -2147217887

it was returning an error code -2147217887, and I believe this *may* have been because of brackets (now removed) from one of the blog titles. I say may because I also went through and republished all blogs and archives at the same time, just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything

update: just been having the same problems again, and there were no brackets. This time i managaed to pin it down to a particular blog name:

“linux install :: on time m series notebook” fails
“linux install :: time m series notebook” doesn’t

i’m sure there’s a reason for it but…..

UPDATE: 06 Jan 2004 – just discovered that it was because of the length which was limited to 40 chars – I just edited the function getUsersBlogs in listen.asp. I didn’t realise until now that the error messgaes are generated by blogworks rather than w.blogger