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Flash movie manager

i’m sure there’s a few of these around, but i’ve just had an idea to create a flash 6 movie which contains a menu of external swf files from a list imported in in XML format.

The movie would contain the preload script and the end user will be able to select a movie to import from the menu.

on the back end would be a file upload script like on my gallery system (used on braxtonhicks site), which would upload the file to the server and add a reference to the new movie to the XML file.

Hmm, I wonder if I can add swfs to a database as a BLOB and stream back as an asp like I do with the gallery images? Probably a really inefficient way of doing it but a good way to protect the swfs….

you know what? I could use it for the MP3 jukebox I want to build (and have been thinking about for over 3 years) too.