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If you look, you won’t see

I haven’t taken any photographs in the last couple of days and I think the reason is that I am looking too hard. When i’m not consciously looking around for things to take pictures of I seem to spot things and if I have my camera with me (which is most of the time) I record it for prosperity.

I think this sort of unconscious spontaneous photography will increase especially now things like camera phones are common place, and combined with mobile email to blog services, the pictures will make their way almost instantly onto the net.

I suppose one disadvantage is that camera phones are currently low resolution so a really good picture might never be good enough quality for a decent size print, but if you weigh this up against the fact that the photo might never have been taken in the first place then it balances out.

Personally I haven’t got a camera phone, but I purposely bought a compact digital camera (Pentax optio 330GS for those who are interested) which would be small enough to carry around in my pocket (provided I am wearing combats with huge side pockets, it would look all wrong in the pocket of my rarely worn tight 70’s cords) but take high resolution pictures to be suitable for a half decent print if the picture really warrants it.