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visited links

once upon a time someone early on in the development of the web came up with the idea of making hyperlinks within a web page appear as a different colour to the rest of the text. Then at a later date (probably – i’m guessing now), arrived the concept of links appearing as a different colour if they had already been visited.

This is a useful feature as it allows you to see where you have been, therefore stops you going round in circles in your endless search for information. Or maybe when you are in a bored haze clicking frenzy like I was at lunchtime.

When CSS 1.0 arrived, we were given the ability to control these styles, and many designers opted to make visited links look the same as non-visited links, just for consistency, thus removing this once useful feature.

At time of writing I have left my visited links to show their default colours, and I have to admit it does make the page look a bit ugly, and I was wondering what to do about it, when I saw this idea of applying a background image for visited links [link removed], making them look sort of crossed-out.(Tip: click on one of the links then go back to the page where the link was).

Nice, might blatantly copy that idea one day.