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Plone: remove member self registration

I wanted to set up a plone site with no "join" tab – I found what I needed here

basically go the root of the plone site and click the security tab, then scroll down and find Add Portal Member, then uncheck Aquire and check manager and owner only – this removes the join tab

the join_form will still be there though…. looking in to that

UPDATE: to remove join_form, or to make it accessible to managers only:-
-go into the ZMI and locate portal_skins/plone_forms/join_form
-click" customise"
-click the "security" tab at the top
-find "view" in the list
-uncheck "aquire"
-check "manager" if you want to enable managers to add members
-save changes

The above will present anaonymouse users with the log-in form if the attaemt to browse directly to join_form