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Firefox live bookmarks

firefox's live bookmark subscribe button

as if RSS feed subscription in thunderbird wasn’t enough, i’ve just stumbled across firefox’s "live bookmark" feature. With version 1.0, if you are viewing a site like this one that contains (in the code) a link to the sites RSS feed, e.g.:-

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" ...

you can add a live bookmark to it. A live bookmark keeps track of entries so when you hover over the item in your bookmark menu, it lists all the items currently on the feed. Firefox is intelligent enough to check for associated RSS feeds and display a little orange button (like in the pic above) to allow you to subscribe via your bookmarks. didn’t see that one coming…

I’ve said (something like) it before – if you have a site that gets updated more than once a year, you really should have an RSS feed. And if you have an RSS feed make sure you have links to it (hidden and visible). RSS is becoming mainstream, and news/journal sites that don’t have feeds will slowly be forgotten.