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redirects from the old site and RSS imports

i’ve set up some redirects from my old asp xml blogger archives to the relevant archive page on the new wordpress site. This was fairly easy – I have used a custom 404 page on the old site to check for requests for pages in the format YYYYMMarchive00x.asp, then extract the date and month and redirect based on that. The old blog used to be set up into seperate blogs for different subjects e.g. linux, photography etc, but I have now imported all (most?) of the old content into the same blog. I will no doubt have missed something! If you are looking for something in particular that used to be there but you now can’t find let me know and i’ll have a look for it.

I have to praise whoever wrote the RSS importer for wordpress – this made it incredibly easy to drag content in from the old feeds. It was to my advantage that I didn’t have categorisation or comments enabled on the old blog as I guess these would have to be handled seperately but it meant that I could do the migration with no custom scripting whatsoever – one of the reasons for going with wordpress. Quills/ Plone blog developers take note – import tools will massively increase uptake. I think many people like me who have defected to wordpress could be tempted back if there are any one-step import tools in the final product.