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How to resize a Bootcamp partition on Leopard

I recently got a mac mini and decided to give bootcamp a try as I needed a native windows machine from time to time. I initially created a 10GB bootcamp partition, thinking that would be enough, but after installing Visual Studio and a load of other stuff I was soon down to about 200mb. I had been fooled by the bootcamp setup into thinking that it would allow me to resize the partition later, but it doesn’t – the only choice you have is to delete the partition and start again. I didn’t want to install windows yet again, so after googling around I found an excellent bit of free software called WinClone. This allowed me to create an image of the bootcamp partition from within OSX, then delete the bootcamp partition, create a new one – (20gb this time) and restore the windows image. The added bonus is that I now have a backup of the windows install, should I ever stuff it up.

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I tried it and it failed. MacBookPro, Leopard, Vista.
My bootcamp partition is 57GB and I want to allocate 120GB (of 232).
Did it work first time for you?

Matthew 2008-03-14 10:57:27

what part of it failed for you? The process I described above worked for me on my mac mini (with fresh leopard install), but since then i’ve tried and failed several times to create a bootcamp partition on my macbook (with leopard upgraded from tiger). Tried about three times each time with a full on crash and having to rescue lost disk space by booting from the install disc and using disk utility to repair it.

Rick 2008-03-14 19:40:19