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Month: December 2008

Plans for 2009

Inspired by Elliot Jay Stocks post “Goals, Old and New“, I thought i’d jot down a few goals* for 2009. In no particular order:-

  • Launch a web app – the original reason for starting Olivewood. We already have a working prototype (a web based trading/ procurement/communication hub – successfully in service for a distributor over a year), it just needs some refactoring to make it suitable to be released to additional clients with slightly different needs.
  • Relaunch Too Old To Skate – it’s a personal project, and it’s important for me to be working on at least one non-paying project, to remind me that i’m not just in this for the money. I’m already part of the way there with a sweetcron based mashup. I intend to launch it, unfinished or not in January.
  • Attend at least one web conference – last year was just too manic, and combined with bad timing I only managed WDC this year. On my possible list are FOWA dublin, bamboo juice in cornwall, plone conf in budapest, Europython in Birmingham and the list goes on.
  • Attend at least one barcamp. BathCamp this year was great.
  • Fix on a php framework and use it on a “from-scratch” commercial project, and get really, really good with it. Cake is the current fave, though will likely be using Zend Framework too on a magento based project.
  • Get to grips with plone 3 skinning – I want to consider myself a plone skinning expert again.
  • Get further than “hello world” with Django – ideally at least one commercial project. I’m not beating myself up too much over this, I thrive on examples, so i’m letting other people do all the early adopter stuff 😉
  • Better customer service – by managing my workload to avoid juggling projects, saying NO occasionally, and generally working in a more controlled and predictable manner.
  • Put up a proper portfolio on this site, maybe even a redesign – working on this website is always last on the list, it’s still using the default wordpress theme from way back.
  • Use and understand some technologies that i’ve been ignoring – JSON, WSGI, Zope 3
  • Do more on-site freelancing for agencies. I seem to thrive in that environment. Maybe it’s my agency background, or maybe it’s because I get to focus on the task in hand rather than the whole “business” side of being a freelancer. There’s also the whole co-worker thing.
  • Keep trading and survive the credit crunch recession (Touch wood) i’m already booked up for the first few months of 2009 – lets hope the work keeps coming!

* web/ career related – i’ll save the more personal goals for drunken new years eve conversations with friends!

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Nice one, Rick! I think that “saying no” one is a very wise tip indeed. I must learn to do more of that!

Elliot Jay Stocks 2008-12-22 16:19:42

Nice Rick. I wish you good luck and all the best for your 2009 projects.

Nicolas Alpi 2008-12-30 00:25:26

Faster Plone, Faster!

The plone performance sprint is now underway at the Pervasive Media studio in Bristol. There are about 16 plone developers from Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy, USA, and the UK, working for 4 days to work on optimising the performance of plone. I’ll be dropping in, but unfortunately won’t be able to contribute much due to other commitments.

More photos here.

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Go boys !

Tarek Ziade 2008-12-11 21:52:31