Rick Hurst Web Developer in Bristol, UK


Getting back on the road!

Rick having a cup of tea in his VW T25 camper van

Last year I shut down this blog and incorporated the content into my web development/ techie blog, but I’ve decided to resurrect “Rick on the Road”. The main factor in this decision was the long awaited purchase of a camper van (a 1983 VW T25 devon moonraker – expect to hear more about that!). This has of course led to the planning of adventures, and being a compulsive blogger, felt the need to blog about it.

Also after a year of being an employee mostly working from the same place, i’ve started to get the mobile working itch, so hope to take advantage of my new “mobile office” for a change of scenery from time to time. As of Jan 2013, i’m also contracting again, which will hopefully mean I can do more nomadic working, inbetween on-site contracts, and maybe some remote contracts. So the new version of the blog will resume where it left off, covering remote working and associated equipment and tools, but also general experiences with the camper van, including technical post on mechanics.

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