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Catching up – Summer 2013

Rocky the T25 being towed

Ok after a productive start to the blog this year, i’ve failed to post since the start of the summer. I’m going to blame it mostly on my camper van, both literally spending time working on it and camping in it with my family, and also generally all my blogging effort has gone into my “camper van things” blog. I’ve had a fantastic summer, worked less than I probably should have, but now getting back to work (and saving up for some more summer adventures next year!).

So to catch up – i’m now freelancing more or less full-time back at Potato, working on some interesting stuff, notably cutting my teeth with AngularJs framework, which i’ve enjoyed so far. My initial observations are that it is significantly different to Backbone/Marionette that there is no confusion over what technology i’m using, it allows you to be productive very quickly and that it litters your markup with non-standard attributes. The latter may upset purists, but otherwise it gets the thumbs up from me. If you’re interested in learning AngularJs, a good place to start would be the tutorial.