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2CV Campervan

Acacdiane Oasi campervan

After I had to let my first T25 go, I bought a Citroën 2CV. The 2CV, due to it’s incredibly simple mechanics, bulletproof 2 cylinder aircooled engine and surprising off-road ability, makes a fantastic overland vehicle. I had grand plans of travelling Europe in mine, but unfortunately it caught fire one day on the way to Weston Supermare, and burned to a shell. Fires are a common problem with 2cv’s – the foil/ cardboard tubes used to transfer warm air from engine cowlings to the cab can sag onto the engine and eventually catch fire.

Apart from the obvious limitations on size, the van version, the fourgonette, or the Acadiane (based on the Dyane) can be used as a small one or two berth camper, by means of a platform across the rear wheel arches extending into the cab area. This wouldn’t do for us right now – as a family we need something at least as big as a T25, but i’m still fascinated by the idea of such a simple, small, agile camper.

I found this fantastic old promotioal video of an Acadiane based camper – there’s some ingenious use of interior units to provide storage, seating, table and a sleeping platform.