Month: April 2004

set root password for mysql

mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR root@localhost=PASSWORD(‘new_password’);

photographer Richie Hopson

I was just looking through photographer Richie Hopsons website, and was surprised to see how many photos I was already familiar with from Adrenalin magazine – the only magazine I currently subscribe to, although i’m hoping to get a concrete wave magazine subscription at some point…

mysql show syntax

i.e. show tables, show coulmns etc

getting to grips with digital video

Goal to be able to make broadcast quality video from a variety of media which can then be transferred to DVD/VCD and compressed for streaming over the web (to largest possible audience without multiple formats), on a minimal budget. Current Tools I have access to:- video mode on pentax optio 330gs (no audio) super 8… Read more »

Fruits of the VCR

This weekend my cable TV subscription paid for itself with the "birth of cool" weekend on extreme TV. Amongst other things they showed Skateboard Kings – 1970’s BBC documentary about skating in dogtown, by the "World about Us" team, Wheels of Downhill Motion – another 70’s skate video and Fruit of the Vine – recent… Read more »

not lap and definately not top

The screen gave up on my laptop last night. It had been partly pink for about a year and started flickering the other day, now it is blank. I bought the laptop over 4 years ago because I was thinking of buying a flat screen monitor to reduce the headaches I get sitting behind a… Read more »