Month: August 2004

since last time

i’ve worked a lot, broke my longboard, it rained a lot, the cats have been terratorial pissing, shaved my beard, arranged to borrow a nice car, decided to sell the clio rather than the micra (£600 anyone?), worked in london for a day, regrown my beard, learned loads of plone stuff, picked up my guitar… Read more »

mysql ended

just did an install of redhat fedora core 2, including mysql. when attempting to start mysql with safe_mysqld &, I was getting a message mysql ended. Attempting to open mysql was then resulting in the message: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ . I’ve had this before and I know it is… Read more »

installing plone2 on fedora core 2

hmm.. I think I have managed to install Plone2 on fedora core 2 from RPM’s, it runs but haven’t done much with it yet so can’t tell if it is broken. It was failing on a dependency:- python2.3-devel >= 2.3.3 is needed by Plone2-2.0.3-2 as FC2 comes with python 2.3.3 I decided to chance it… Read more »

trying fedora core 2

downloaded isos and burnt fedora core 2 install disks last night – the plan is to resurrect my former redhat 8.0 box (that I stole disk and RAM out of of for failed build of new dual boot box). I have been undecided recently which linux distro to go with – somebody demonstrated fedora to… Read more »

how to do md5sum on windows xp

download a copy of md5sum.exe to c:windowssystem32 (I got mine from open command prompt (start -> run -> ‘cmd’) cd to the directory where the file you want to check is e.g. cd c:downloads type md5sum This will return a string of numbers and letters – compare to the one listed against the… Read more »

redirect in zope or plone

create a python script with something like the following and save it as index_html in the folder you want to redirect from. return context.REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(‘foo’)