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Brain dump January 2013

I haven’t posted to this blog much recently, so I thought i’d set myself a new routine of blogging at least at the end of each month to record some thoughts and links. Firstly, as of Jan 1st i’ve been Freelance again – towards the end of last year while working full time at Potato,… Read more »

A few notes on image uploading and configuration in Django

I recently added image uploading to Too Old To Skate, and not having set up a “normal” django site for a while, hit about every stumbling block possible, so here are a few notes. Please bear in mind there may be other, better ways to achieve this – i’d love to hear them. Adding an… Read more »

DBBUG lightning talks June 2012

On tuesday Potato Bristol hosted the Django Bristol and Bath User Group (DBBUG) lightning talks. It went really well and it was nice to have some technical content as well as the usual beer and chat. The turnout was great and so were the talks. First up was Chris Hall – “Django from the outside… Read more »

Too Old To Skate rebuild

A month or so ago I took offline as it seems that it was being used as a spam relay. It was running an ancient unpatched version of wordpress, so this came as no surprise. I thought it would be a good opportunity to rebuild it using django. So yet another django blog engine… Read more »

Running Google App Engine SDK on OSX lion

OSX Lion comes with python 2.7 as default. Although App Engine will run on 2.7, it is safer to develop on the version of python that your live app engine instances are running on, which in my case is python 2.5 currently. From a fresh install of Lion, I did the following:- Installed xcode via… Read more »

Left the circus, going to work in the Potato field

I’ve mused a few times on this blog about the relative merits of full-time and freelance and what would convince me to go back into a full-time job, but it’s happened. I’m delighted to say that as of December 1st I am a full-time Django Developer, working for Potato, as part of the small (but… Read more »

Get a list of attributes for a django object

For a queryset: myobj.objects.filter(foo=bar) myobj.values()[0].keys() For a single object instance:- for field in speaker._meta.fields: print Also for a single object instance – returns fields and values as a dict speaker.__dict__ Iterate through the dict like above: for k,v in speaker.__dict__.iteritems(): print k,v

Swoop Patagonia re-skin 3

Last night Dan Fairs pushed the latest version of the django powered Swoop Patagonia site live. The site has several new content management features created by Dan with the help of Ben Mason allowing swoop staff to create and manage content in a more flexible manner and has been re-skinned (by yours truly) to use… Read more »

plone conference 2010 day 2

Some notes and thoughts from day of plone conference 2010. These are mostly in note form, but wanted to get these online anyway, while they are fresh in my mind. fixing the ungoogleable by Elizabeth Leddy What happens when something breaks, and a simple google search doesn’t offer any results? First, warn people (so they… Read more »

swoop travel phase 2

The second phase of swoop travel has gone live – working again as part of Foundry, this django powered site got some new features and a bit of a makeover (by yours truly – i’m almost in danger of calling myself a web designer after this one!).