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pcmcia progress (at least in theory)

I haven’t installed the driver yet, because i’m waiting for a rainy afternoon (plenty of those) when nothing else is going on (not so many of those). So don’t be misheartened that this project seems to be taking months – I only spend 20 minutes on it now and again – I have a job, house, wife, social life, washing up and a band to look after as well.

I was also holding back because it was bothering me that I don’t know what my card is recognised as and how linux would know to use the driver I intended to install. I then came across this article at linux orbit which has just renewed my enthusiasm, as it explains to me how I can find out what my card is recognised as (if at all). I now also understand that once I know this, I replace the “ASIX” stuff with whatever my card claims to be. It also re-emphasises the need to read the PCMCIA HOW-TO properly before starting.