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Mentor PCMCIA fast ethernet card drivers

I installed windows XP today and could not get my mentor PCMCIA PCMLAN10/100 fast ethernet network card to work using downloaded drivers from the vendors website.

I searched around the web a bit and found loads of other people with the same problem. It turns out that there are different versions of this card, and what looks like the same card is different.

I eventually got it working by digging out the original diskette that came with the card and pointing XP at the w2k driver on that – now working fine (so far).

If you have found this via a search and are having the same problem, and your card is recognised by the machine as “PCMCIA Fast-Ethernet” then you need the original drivers, rather than the ones on the mentor site.

If you are looking for linux information for the same card – I have had this card working under linux too