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legacy of a flash splash page

I recently did a quick reimplementation of a website to remove a splash page and frameset which was hindering it’s search engine listings. Before I did this, all searches stopped at the splash page and only listed the sole HTML of the page which was “can’t see anything? click here” leading to a “please download flash” page.

The site contains some dynamic content using query strings which will be stopping spiders, but the rest is now static (although generated dynamically by a Content Management System)

However, it still hasn’t been spidered after a few weeks and I am wondering whether the homepage URL has been marked as a gateway page? Therefore maybe I would be better concentrating on sub directories such as the services page, or maybe the “what’s new” page.

For what it’s worth I work as a Web Developer for them (disclaimer: opinions on this website do not necessarily reflect those of the aforementioned company) who are based in Bristol, UK and are a Microsoft Certified Partner providing bespoke software development (Delphi), web development (specialising in database driven websites and Content Management Systems using ASP and SQL Server, CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript), Network and IT support. Feel free to get in touch with us

Those of you who know how web spidering works will know exactly why I just wrote the above two paragraphs 😉