Rick Hurst Web Developer in Bristol, UK



somehow my wife and I ended up with two cars between us (both needed them for work), and living in a city like we do, these get left sardined into whatever parking spaces are available in the streets surrounding our house. Between the two cars, we’ve had two break-ins, 2 smashed windows (including one of the expensive heated rear windows), and various occurences of minor vandalism.

We are now in a situation where we could manage with just one car and it looks like we will do that – this morning whilst putting out the recycling (in plastic bags – someone actually knicked our recycling box the other week!), I noticed that some toe-rag has either driven into the door of one of the cars or maybe even booted it in – it was pissing with rain so I couldn’t work out which, but the door is really caved in. I’m hoping it is just the door, and that there is no damage to the other bodywork. Rather than take the time to fully examine what has happened I decided to pace up and down the road mumbling to myself and giving innocent passers-by evil and accusing looks.

at the moment we are planning to get rid of one of the cars, neither are worth much, but they are both such a liability…. The plan is to keep the lowest value one, and drive it into the ground at which point we will sell our souls to the nearest car dealer offering too good to be true credit!