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goldfish memory

Last night I printed some screen-grabs off for work (I have a colour printer at home, but only B&W available at work). I got to work and realised i’d left them at home, even though I had been thinking about them on the way to work, as I needed to post them somewhere urgently. Terrible memory. I "nipped" home (1 hour round trip in traffic) to pick them up, and i’ll be darned if I didn’t nearly forget to pick them up on the way back out.

This is typical of me – my favourite crap memory habit, part of my first thing in the morning work ritual, is heading out of our offices to the communal kitchen down the corridor to wash out my coffee mug, getting to the sink, running the hot tap until it is hot, then realising I didn’t bring the mug. On special days I also forget my key to get back in the offices, and usually being the first person in, have to go and speak to the people upstairs to borrow a spare.

(And for the record I don’t smoke dope).