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it’s the start of day three of plone conference 2006 and I am stuffed with both plone knowlege and lovely delicious fatty food. This hasn’t been as debauched as previous conferences (for the netsight contingent at least) as the jet lag has made us flake out in the evening before we manage to to do any serious damage to our livers.

Last night we took a cab up to a mall to try to procure some cheap consumer electronics – the cab ride there and back was an experience in itself – the first driver hadn’t got a clue where he was going and was asking for directions from us, while mysteriously changing lanes and indicating for no reason – the driver on the way back thought he was in Gran Turismo or something.

plone conference 2006 seattle

space needle

i’m two days into plone conference 2006 and it has all been a bit of a whirlwind so far. I’m eight hours behind UK time and travelled 26 hours to get here after missing our connecting flight in houston, thanks to some helpful individual at passport control who wouldn’t let us jump the queue.

so far we haven’t ventured much further than three or four blocks away from the venue, but luckily there are ample bars and restaurants close by. The hotel has good wifi, the conference venue wifi has been intermittent but seems to be improving. I’ve been too busy to blog much, but I have uploaded one or two photos to flicker.

The conference itself has been interesting and the keynote this morning has given me a clearer understanding of where plone is at the moment and where it is going. I was also pleased to note that I am not alone in having trouble with migrations between version and at least it is a recognised issue and much thought and effort is going into a solution, and that solution involves being able to dump a sites content into an intermediate format that can be used to populate a new site, thus giving me a way to get my content where I can see it, rather than hidden in zodb/zexp voodoo.

gmail tips – bulk delete using filters

If you are like me and have thousands of unread emails for various mailing lists cloghging up your gmail account, you can bulk delete them (rather than paging through and manually secting then deleting 100 or so at a time), by using a filter, or in my case changing the existing filter to delete any matches, then selecting the “apply to x conversations below” checkbox and updating the filter. Don’t forget to uncheck the delete checkbox and update the filter again afterwards, unless you want all future matches to automatically be deleted (in which case you might be better unsubscribing!).

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that was helpful – thanks!

prasanna 2007-05-20 16:42:27

thanks, big big help. I had 3500 old emails…unread.

r jones
delhi,california usa

r jones 2009-03-07 17:35:06

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plone migration woes

At the moment, my pet plone project DFR skate zine is still live, but because netsight have some devious plans for the server it is on, I am trying to upgrade it to the latest version of plone. The site is current running plone 2.1.1 (tip: if you can’t remember what version of plone your site is running, go into the ZMI and click on portal_migration – you’ll find lots of useful info there, including the plone version).

Initial attempts didn’t go well, but I haven’t given up yet. I’m now trying a different approach – creating a blank plone 2.5 site and trying to bring the content over bit by bit. Some of it imported just fine and other objects are throwing various key and attribute errors.

This blog post by Andreas Jung looks like it could be quite useful – my version jump is nowhere near as big as the version described here, but the technique looks interesting – particularly the script for cloning a tree of objects.

I have some fairly radical plans for the development of the DFR site, I was actually thinking of recreating the skin and content type products from scratch, because a) I want a single skin for public and admin view now and b) because the archetypes content types were patched together in a bit of an ad-hoc way, and now they seem a bit.. well… unclean, and basically I think I can do better now..

so… the masterplan at the moment is to extract the content into some format that I can get to the data easily (as I still find it very confusing trying to get to data “lost” in zodb, when the site is broken), then write a script to populate the new site from the data. Obviously xml fits the bill (along with files and folders for media content).

Marshall and XMLForest have been whispered to me on a need to know basis! If I can crack this i’ll be much more confident about maintaining plone sites long term, in the same way that I am confident with CMS’s that use a SQL database for storage.

Drupal login form url

If you become locked out of a drupal site because you disabled the login form and can’t work out where to log in, you can reach a login form by navigating to e.g. yoursite/?q=user/login (or the clean url equivalent)

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Thanks! I needed this info, though now I feel really stupid…


James 2007-11-24 18:07:07

It took me two hours before I discovered your tip and got into my own admin pages. Thanks!

Michael 2008-06-18 22:38:04

unix command to delete the .svn folders

This command will delete all those pesky .svn directories that have been left by subversion:-

find ./ -name ".svn" | xargs rm -Rf
(obviously you will want to keep the .svn folders if you are still using subversion!)

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Or a slightly safer version:

find . -name “.svn” -print0 | xargs -0 rm -Rf

(those are zeros, not ohs, if your font shows them ambigiously)

This is slightly safer as is used a null byte () as the delimiter between entries, rather than a space. This means that if I happen to have a folder called “foo” and one with spaces in called “foo bar”, you might find a .svn dir present in “foo bar” will cause the whole of the “foo” directory to be deleted.


Matt 2006-10-17 15:16:24

Thanks a bunch for this… Looking for an easy way to remove the .svn dirs without having to go to each directory. Saved me some serious time.

Craig 2007-01-09 14:57:16

Thanks a thousand. You too, Matt.

Braden 2007-03-06 22:18:23

I use this to delete temp mac osx files

find . -name “._*” -print0 | xargs -0 rm -Rf

handy to run before uploading a project via ftp.

Tim 2009-02-28 04:53:01

Depending on the situation, you might be able to just use the ‘svn export’ to check out a clean tree?

Tom 2010-03-06 10:54:19

Caffe Nero (the one directly next to Caffe Gusto)

Today I find myself in Caffe Nero on the triangle. I’d always discounted it before because I didn’t realise it had an upstairs bit and I didn’t like the idea of using my laptop downstairs with people queing for coffee looking over my shoulder. I’m presented with three possible wifi connections – StreetNet, SurfandSip and Caffe Gusto next door. I couldn’t get connected to surfandsip (and I think it’s a paid service anyway?), Streetnet seems a reasonable signal, and Caffe Gusto is weak but useable (a bit cheeky too considering, but it’s nice not to have to fill out the survey that you do with StreetNet)

Park street wifi breakfast tour – revisiting Boston Tea Party

I went back to Boston Tea Party today, mainly because i wanted to try Goldbrick House, but it wasn’t open at 8.30am (I checked back later, it opens at 9 – a bit late for pre-work coffee. The girl in there said she thought they had wifi for customer use – not sure whether it was streetnet or their own).

Anyway, I decided to see how reliable StreetNet is if I threw caution to the wind and didn’t tunnel everything through ssh. Seems it’s fine – maybe I confused it before by validating normally, then reverting back to ssh tunnelling..

It’s back on my list – nice latte, nice Ikea Poang chair to sit in upstairs by the window 🙂

Add a user to a group in Invision Power Board

It took me ages to work out how to do this for some reason. The solution was to go in via the Admin Control Panel, find the user (via user search on Admin CP homepage) and edit their profile, which will contain a drop down for primary group and multi-select box for secondary groups – select which ones you want and update. Warning – it is possible to lock yourself out of IPB this way!

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