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3 mobile broadband on OSX

I finally succumbed to buying a 3 mobile broadband USB modem on pay as you go, seeing as they have come down to £50. Installation went fine, when I realised the software is on the dongle itself, not a (I assumed missing) CD in the box. Seems to work OK – only tried it in a couple of places. It instantly payed for itself yesterday when I needed to connect to a windows server via remote desktop, which appeared to be blocked on the watershed open wifi I was using, at the pervasive media studio (open fridays). One gripe would be that to register with my3 (so you can top up online), you have to install the modem on a windows machine, so you can receive the password via SMS. Not a big deal though, assuming you have a windows machine you can use for this as a one off. Will report back my experiences when i’ve tried it out in a few other locations.