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More solar chargers to test – SolarMio, SolarDuo and SolarSupra

solarsupra solar charger panels

I think I am getting obsessed with solar chargers – when I see or feel sunshine and i’m not pointing a solar gadget at it and charging something, it feels like a massive wasted opportunity!

As I mentioned before, I have been looking around for other products to test and possibly sell via partner site light planet. I now been sent three new solar chargers to test:-

The SolarMio

Small, portable solar panel/ battery pack combo aimed at charging phones and USB powered devices. The panels are flexible, water resistant and robust and fold out into a sheet with eyelets making it ideal for attaching to a backpack.

The SolarDuo

Smaller version of the SolarMio, with only two panels, and the battery pack is actually a charger for two AA rechargeable batteries. This can be used purely as an solar powered AA battery charger, or to charge/ power stuff via USB. Alternatively the batteries can be charged via USB – the solar panel out put is actually mini USB, so hopefully this could also be used to charge small USB devices directly.

The SolarSupra “Value”

Much bigger and more powerful solar panel/ battery pack combo. The battery in this one can power laptops at different voltages, as well as having a USB output. It has eight solar panels on a sheet that folds out and can be laid out or hung up. The unit and all the associated bits and pieces fold away into a nice self contained package resembling a washbag.

I’ll write up full reviews of these as soon as I had time to test them properly.