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Trying out working standing up

If any of my neighbours are spying on me today they might be wondering why I am working standing up by the window with my laptop on a chest of drawers. The reason is this article: “Sitting is killing you” (linked removed at content authors request, due to google backlink issues). I’m not getting all tin-foil hat after reading this, but I have been wondering what to do about my home “office” set up recently, and have been concerned about the amount of time I spend sitting (well slouching, if we are being honest) at a desk. I need to find the most comfortable height and see how I get on with it, so this blog post is being written standing up as the first of many experiments!

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Brilliant! I’ve started standing to work at home – it was a pain in the arse getting the desk to the right height (lots of piles of books) but well worth it. It’s hard work at first, and you still need to sit down occasionally, but I find it helps me focus better.

Nick Morgan 2011-05-19 10:05:02

There’s a long running thread on twitter from @andydiggle about moving away from sedentary work. His solution: the IKEA hack standing desk!

Expedit standing desk

I know the whole subject can seem quite trivial but to anyone who is a) deskbound at work and b) needs to focus for extended lengths of time in the same position I think it is pretty important to be able to move around. My experience is that sitting at a desk seems to make me want to stay sat down and I end up collecting all my desk oriented activities together. Anything that can force me to move around has got to be a win.

Robin Layfeild 2011-05-27 10:04:28