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Site building workflow challenges – keeping HTML in a database

I was reminded to today of one of my pet hates – coordinating a site build, or a site rebuild when the CMS you are using keeps content, often containing HTML markup from use of an editor such as tiny mce, in the database.

Consider the following scenario:-

  • You have a staging site where the client has been using the CMS to input content
  • Meanwhile, you make some changes to the database on your local version and want to push them to staging
  • You can use a migration script to push your changes to the live database but you find yourself wanting to also copy the new content back to your local database, so you can work on CSS on real content. You then would probably drop your local database and restore from a backup from staging, losing any test content you put in locally

It’s basically a bit of a kerfuffle.

This is one of the scenarios that I hope could be avoided with a CMS based on eatStatic (if I ever develop it beyond a blog engine) – any content-types that contain bodies of text, whether thay are marked up with HTML or not, would be stored on the filesystem. This could be put under version control, so you can selectively synchronise your content with another instance of the site.

I can also see a case for some add-on for any existing CMS – an export function that routinely pushes text content from the db into text files to be kept under version control, and also allows import, allowing instances to selectively sync content.