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FOWA Roadtrip Bristol

On Tuesday I went to the Future of Web Applications Roadtrip social at the watershed in Bristol. Carson Systems put some cash behind the bar and we stood around, talked geek and drank the free beer. There was an excellent turn out, probably the biggest turnout of any Bristol web designer/ techie related social i’ve been to. There were loads of people that I didn’t get to speak to, but I caught up with some old friends, met some new people and put a few more names to faces i’ve been talking to on the underscore mailing list for years, but never met.

There’s some photos on Flickr here including one with me in it (check shirt, yellow “well done” sticker!)

Another write up on the live blog

Olivewood Data Technologies HQ

Although I still haven’t had time to build my new company a virtual HQ, a real HQ has been found in a small village called Ubley, a short commute out of Bristol. The reason for this location is that we will be sharing office space with my business partners other company (and the company I have been building an eCommerce web app for), who have warehouses on this site. I went to have a look today and was blown away by the view across blagdon lake. I won’t be working out here all the time, but i’m looking forward to it

View from Olivewood HQ

Olivewood Data Technologies HQ

Olivewood HQ

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All the cool web developers live in Blagdon.

(Or… er… work near Blagdon.)

Fintan 2007-08-07 10:53:37