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Lost network interfaces in virtual machine

I was having a confusing issue where after moving an ubuntu virtualbox virtual machine I was losing the virtual network adapters (i’m running one on NAT so the machine can access the internet via the host and one host-only so I can network between host and guest). After a bit of head scratching, I realised this was because the way I was “moving” a machine was by copying the hard disk image and creating a new machine. This means that the MAC addresses were getting reset. If I went into the virtualbox machine settings and changed these to the same mac addresses as were being used on the vm before it was moved, the network interfaces reappeared. I guess that’s why I should be moving the machines with the config file too..

Beware moving vmware fusion machines to the free version of vmware server – you can’t

Hopefully someone will correct me on this, UPDATE: some one has corrected me on this, although I haven’t tried what they suggest – see comments below) but I was disappointed to find I couldn’t move a server I set up on VMware fusion on my macbook to vmware server (free version) running on win xp (only temporarily, don’t panic). However, I understand it will run on the paid version and in vmware player. I’m also assuming that I won’t be able to move VMware fusion machines to the free version of vmware server on linux, but haven’t tried (send comments if you know otherwise!).
I actually moved from parallels to VMware fusion on the basis that I would be able to simply move VMs from my mac to a production server, but it looks like unless I cough up for the paid version of VMware server, this isn’t going to happen – very frustrating. Time to investigate KVM

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VMware Fusion makes virtual machines with hardware version 6.

VMware Server 2 (in beta) and VMware Player 2 support hardware version 6.

If you need to make your VMware Fusion virtual machine work with VMware Server 1 and older products, you can use the free VMware Converter to convert your virtual machine to the older version. (You can also do this in VMware Workstation.)

Good luck!

Ben G. 2008-04-16 15:57:58

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